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<![CDATA[TrAditon vs compassion - Slaughtering of Denmark dophins in Feroe island]]>Sun, 18 Oct 2015 04:19:17 GMThttp://etsi-noir.weebly.com/blog/traditon-vs-compassion-slaughtering-of-denmark-dophins-in-feroe-islandI sent this letter on Nov 24, 2014 to our President, Vice President, Feroe Island, Mayor in CA and various organizations.

It's the 21st century and this barbaric behavior has to be stopped  because this tradition is producing KILLERS and not LEADERS.

Website - http://bit.ly/1cVsi1N
I'm emotionally distraught after opening my Facebook page.  Having been in the veterinary field for over 15 years, it was my obligation to treat animals with respect and compassion.  What I don't understand is why teenagers are being lured traditionally to kill harmless, honest and child-like innocent dolphins, who approach man which such high - spirits to prove their manhood?  

 Denmark's children are torturing and leaving these dolphins to suffer horrific and excruciating pain as waters become tainted by their vital blood.

 Clearly, these enlightened traditions are obsolete, vicious, and senseless. Parents supporting such a traumatic affect should be held accountable. Its their job to instill other alternative options for their child than having imprudent and pointless killings of mammals. Manhood is honor, solicitude, self-esteem and attribute.

Where's your compassion... where's your HUMANITY?!

Dolphins have "rights" since they undergo the same emotions as humans.  As law-makers, they deserve our protection because their impact affect the environment. If we continue to bombard our Earth with ignorance, we will destroy and lead more animals to extinction. 

Then what will you say to your GOD when you stand before HIM on judgement day?  - "I kill because..."

Man has always been a vile species and we have got to change. Take heed to other cultures who use the whole animal out of respect for its life in order to eat, clothe or make equipment to survive.  We should not leave dolphins to suffer for a child's "maturity" when the cries of the wounded are countless. We have come so far medically, scientifically, and socially. As for the next generation of Denmark's children, they shouldn't be bred to kill like animals... they should be born to LEAD like a humanitarians. - Aliya Jackson

<![CDATA[Oasis fundraiser for veterans at the beverly hills country club]]>Sun, 18 Oct 2015 04:13:17 GMThttp://etsi-noir.weebly.com/blog/oasis-fundraiser-for-veterans-at-the-beverly-hills-country-clubI truly enjoyed listening to the stories they shared and how they transitioned from the military world to being back home.  I didn't know 22 soliders on an average commit suicide - however there are people who I might today that are willing to connect.  With that being said - I wonder would a little conversation would do if they would have someone to talk to.
On the flip side, not only humans need the help but the animals in the military world too.  (Horses, donkeys, pigeons, and marine animals have gave their lives for us)  As I tend these events more and more, I get to realize our furry creatures needs the support to regain their place in the "circle of life".]]>